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Design & Branding

The client buys brands and the set of both rational and emotional aspects that they can offer. We study, analyze and design your brand to take it to its highest level. We create your Naming, Brand Audit and Brand Strategy, and we help you make it real by designing the corporate image, logo, company presentation and packaging.

A brand´s development ranges from the verbal creation to the visual creation of what the company represents and is. Through Graphic Design, we intervene to give as a result how your company or product will be imagined by the client. The achieved image will be the cover letter with which the company reaches its customers.

The first step is knowing what our clients want to show about themselves and what they expect their clients to see in them. We start developing their brands from here.

The brand architecture includes aspects such as current positioning and / or desired positioning for a company or product. What values ​​do you want to convey, that is, how do you want to be known in the market, what feelings do you want to convey to your customers.

Brand development applications

  • Corporate Identity Manuals development.
  • Brand development by product lines or activity.
  • Market Research to determine Brand Equity. That is, what perception do your customers have of your brand and products. How do they think, feel and act about them?
  • Brand Communication (Branding). The desired positioning for the brand of a company or product will determine the means and supports used to communicate that brand to the market.

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